Buying Agent Service

Our buying Agent speaks both German and English.
A unique combination in the Utrecht real estate business

Are you planning to buy a new home in Utrecht and don’t know where to start? Then you may find it useful if someone can help you with appropriate advice on for example, the current housing market, construction aspects, resolute conditions, permits, translation and the issuing of a realistic offer. I would like to accompany you during the entire purchase process. I have more than 15 years’ experience in Utrecht and the surrounding area!

Step 1.
Financial options

It is very important that you understand your financial situation in the current Utrecht housing market, houses are sold very quickly and several offers way above the asking price for the same address are no exception. I have an excellent cooperation with independent mortgage advisors so you know what your options are to purchase.

Step 2.
A new home!

In a personal meeting or by phone/WhatsApp/videocall (zoom/teams) we will discuss your wishes and afterwards we compose a personal search account. You’ll receive on a daily basis the new houses that match your criteria in your mailbox.

Step 3.

Automatically follow the viewing(s) after step 2! Together we visit the selected houses. I plan the appointments for you as efficiently as possible, saving you a lot of time!

Step 4.
The quality of the home

I’ll check the architectural condition, the real value of the property and possible legal problems. These and/or other points of attention I’ll discuss with the selling broker.

Step 5.

I take this exciting situation out of your hands because this prevents a lot of stress! The market value has been researched by me, we discuss this together and then and we make a good offer. I look after your interests. Furthermore, I will make sure that we receive a correct purchase agreement and check the contract.

Step 6.
Yes! We’re going to sign!

You can count on me here too. Together we take the time to read through the purchase agreement, translate the most important sections and I answer all your questions. After you and the seller have signed, the agreement goes to the notary. From now on the legal period of three days starts. If you don’t change your mind during this (cooling down period of three days), the home is yours!

Step 7.
One last check

Just before the house is handed over to you at the notary, I’ll supervise the final check at the address. I check whether the property is in the state as we have agreed and of course I check whether all goods you have taken over are present. I also accompany you to the notary. Now you can start signing with confidence for the official key handover. Do not forget to toast to your new home with a good glass of champagne!